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Posted in book porn by Lauren Leto on May 14, 2010

I wrote a little bit about Stonewall the other day, but here is the trailer for the new Stonewall Uprising film. Lou Reed fan? Read the story about his massive hit “Walk on the Wild Side” on Wikipedia, then click through to see information about the other Warhol Superstars. Most were at least indirectly involved with the Stonewall Riots.

A great book about Stonewall: Stonewall, The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution.

Obviously, prejudices against gays still run rampant (proof here) (and here). You can contribute to the cause by volunteering with or donating to foundations such as the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD.

Pictures from the park in Stonewall Square:

Martin Luther King, Jr

Posted in book porn by Lauren Leto on January 18, 2010

We’re lucky to have had an American as great as MLK.

Thank you, Dr. King.

Also, Travers Johnson reminded me (via his twitter) of all the other great civil rights leaders:

In honoring Dr. King we should also honor the contributions of the likes of Rustin, Abernathy, Bond, Lowery, Young, Goodman, Schwerner, X…

…Parks, Williams, Marshall, Johnson, Jackson, Hamer, Evers, Edelman, Shuttlesworth, Jackson, Belafonte, Bunche, and the list goes on