Lauren Leto

The Mysterious Bookshop

Posted in book porn by Lauren Leto on May 10, 2010

The NYC bookstore tour continues! Today, I headed to The Mysterious Bookshop on Warren and W. Broadway in TriBeCa. Mysteries!!! I love them. Noticeably absent was MY LOVE JANET EVANOVICH but I guess they’re going for quality in there so…sad.

AnyStephaniePlumIsBetterThanAllYouDetectivesCombinedOrWorseThanThemAllAndThatIsWhySheRocksways, what could make The Mysterious Bookshop even more mysterious? The decor. It looks like the library of a wealthy criminal. And, BONUS, they have tons of signed books. I asked the cashier about all their signed copies and he told me it was because the owner is friends with many authors. Who is the owner? Otto Penzler. Therefore, lots of Elmore Leonard inscribed books, which will be my first purchase once I lift my reading ban [not buying any new books until I finish reading what I have].

Even better present than the complete works of an author? A signed book. [Shout out to CU for the signed Eugenides’ Middlesex – still one of my best presents ever].