Lauren Leto

The Gender Gap In Tech: Why Mentors Matter

Posted in book porn by Lauren Leto on May 28, 2010

Elizabeth Stark‘s insight on the gender gap in technology.

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  1. Eric said, on March 31, 2011 at 7:32 pm


    I have read up a lot lately on your works with TFLN and BNTER. I graduated college from the University of Buffalo in 07 so I am close that age demographic of seeing TFLN shared on FB and other social website and became familiar. The website did so well because it found a huge niche of people who had funny stuff to share but would never want their name attached to it.

    I have a similar story as you (without the success part yet) in that I am in Buffalo (very similar city to Detroit in many ways) and I had a nice “career path” niched out for me in TV Ad Sales. I was promised the allure of a Rock Star life style but really just found myself hating another corporate America type job. I have probably read every single self help book on making your own career path from 4 Hour Work Week – Rich Dad Poor Dad – Escaping Cubicle Nation – Art of Non Conformity – Crush It – and the list goes on. The one thing that sticks out to me in most of those books is the word “Passion”. Go after and follow what you are passionate about.

    So I sat and wondered about what I was passionate about and I came to the conclusion that I was extremely passionate about my Loathing of Corporate America. Protocols that waste time, TPS reports, Acronyms in emails you don’t understand, Micromanagement, Office Politics. The list could go on for days… so I started my own website where people could complain anonymously about their bosses and vent about the work world. I had all the ideas for the site but contracted out everything and have my brother coding the site for me. I have always worked for companies in a marketing role but I am very new to online marketing and just getting use to it.

    I guess this article caught my eye… not because I am woman but I could use a mentor. I reached out to you on twitter but I know that probably gets washed up in a sea of tweets, twittles or twizzlers I really don’t know the lingo! So I thought I would reach out on here to see if you had any advice on the site for someone who is hopefully in a similar spot as you were and one day be in a similar spot as you are. Well if you are still reading this God Bless ya. Thanks for your time!


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