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Owning Books You’ve Never Read

Posted in book porn by Lauren Leto on March 28, 2010

I went to an amazing thrift store called Uncommon Objects in Austin. They had tons of old books with the old smell, yellowy pages, antiquated covers and everything else that makes books wonderful.

I was dying to buy some of them, DYING. I wanted them all. Except, there was one HUGE problem; I’d never read any of the books. And most of these titles were unappealing to me (like, Physics in a Post Modern World or something like that) or the books was so dilapidated that if I tried to read it, it would have completely fallen apart.

I have a rule against owning books that you’ve never read/will never read. A lot of people do it. I can see the point, I mean – books can be a decorative item just as much as they can be a useful tool. But that’s bullshit. If you have a record, would you display it without ever listening to it? No.

I’ve started this rant, so I have to keep going. Alright. Reading isn’t hard. If you’re reading the right authors, you get carried away in it, or at least you should. If reading is a task for you, then you’re not reading who you should be reading. Okay, so it took you two months to get through Camus’ The Stranger and it burned the whole time. SO don’t read him, he’s obviously over your head. Go read Chuck Klosterman or someone else who practically paints the point out for you. Everyone should like reading, the same way that everyone likes music. I don’t know if it’s a problem with schools (like, making kids read Huckleberry Finn which would have turned me off from reading forever if that was the only book I ever read) or if people are just too spastic to sit and read a book, but if you have books on a shelf in your house, you better have read them.

Fin. I drank too much coffee today.

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  1. Allie said, on March 28, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Two months to get through The Stranger? Who does? Dude, it took me two days. Not a long book, and not that esoteric.

    Okay…I guess that last part isn’t a true statement. But it’s one of my favorite books. Loved it.

  2. Out of Print Clothing « Lauren Leto said, on March 28, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    […] Oh, and going back to my point from earlier today – DON’T BUY A SHIRT DEPICTING THE COVER OF A BOOK YOU’VE NEVER READ. […]

  3. Stephanie said, on April 23, 2010 at 1:13 am

    I actually started cataloguing the books on my shelves the other day and was pretty appalled at how many of them I have not read. To be fair, some of them are my husband’s acquisitions. But the ones that I have bought but have not yet read are, for the most part, books by authors I have read, and I do intend to read them at some point. I liked Crime & Punishment, so I bought a copy of The Brothers Karamazov. I just haven’t got around to reading it yet.

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