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Nerd Girl of the Month

Posted in book porn by Lauren Leto on March 10, 2010

Since Laura Ingalls Wilder won as Serious Badass of the Month, I had a hard decision deciding who would win as Nerd Girl.

Then, it came to me. Who is nerdier than nerdy? The Baby-Sitters Club. Who is even nerdier? The Baby-Sitters Club Little Sister!

Baby-Sitters Little Sister was a spin-off series by Ann M. Martin, the author of The Baby-Sitters Club. I used to eat these books for breakfast. I read the one about Karen’s roller skates WHILE roller blading around the patio in my backyard (got the scars to prove it).

Anyways, on to Karen. Where can I begin? Her older sister was the super cool and tomboy-ish Kristy. Karen describes her family dynamic in my personal favorite, Karen’s Two Families. Early on (the fourth book in the series), Karen gets “very dorky” glasses that she has to wear in Karen’s School Picture. Her friends, Hannie and Nancy get jealous that Karen is such a good speller in Karen’s Prize. There are a bunch of other incidences, but I can’t remember them all because I haven’t read the books since first grade. Thank God, I moved on to the Little Women series soon after that (hmm…Jo for Serious Badass of the Month in April? Not a bad idea…).

While we’re on the subject of Hannie and Nancy, they were her dorky sidekicks. My friends and I used to pretend we were the characters from the books.

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