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Posted in book porn by Lauren Leto on February 2, 2010

Harriet the Spy

Harriet is the definitive nerd girl: she sucks at tag, she plots her revenge and she CARRIES A JOURNAL WITH HER EVERYWHERE.

Like the rest of us, I kept a journal when I was younger. I remember being STUNNED that Harriet carried her journal with her wherever she went – then, when her friends read her journal, I realized why it’s STUPID to carry your journal everywhere. I also recognized the importance of not naming people by their real name while writing in a journal. I remember wanting to try out her spying tactics, but my town was too boring. NYC was the perfect setting for this book.

Michelle Trachetenberg was great as Harriet, exactly as I pictured Harriet would look like. Unfortunately, the movie came out a couple of years late for me to be as into it as I was with the book, so I don’t think I watched the movie more than once and don’t remember any details (like, if the movie missed any significant details from the book). Was there something lacking in the movie? While googling images for this post, I remembered that it was a “Nickelodeon” movie. Those are usually annoying.

What did you think about the book and movie?

My brother and sister did once when I was in middle school. After they found it and TEASED ME RELENTLESSLY, I switched from writing mournful, melodramatic crap to writing entries that had a topical focus. I wanted to avoid writing about personal issues in case anyone read my journal again so I was forced to write about observations on culture and politics. Looking back, it was the best thing to happen to my writing. Maybe people with self-obsessed blogs are people whose siblings never broke into their journal when they were younger.

Did anyone ever read your journal?

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  1. Max J. Pell said, on February 2, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    I loved the book and the movie. I’m completely pessimistic about the re-make that’s coming out. I feel as though it’s a sort of attack on my childhood.

  2. Kendall said, on February 3, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    I actually watched the movie years before I read the book as I was only 8 when it came out. It was this and the Nickelodeon show “Doug” that got me started on journal writing as a kid.

    Great choice for Nerd Girl of the Month.

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