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A List of Things You Can Do With Your TFLN Book

Posted in book porn by Lauren Leto on December 20, 2009

1. Read it.

2. Find out what the timeline to your relationship will be like.

3. Play a “Choose your own adventure” game.

4. Morbidly laugh at all the “Deaths From Last Summer”.

5. Find out what people will do for Taco Bell.

6. Feel comforted that there are people in the world who are bigger degenerates than you and your friends.

7. Take a mental trip through America with our “Stereotype the States” section.

8. Find out which texts are “LL & BB’s Favorite Texts”.

9. Read texts that have never been seen before on the site.

10. Plan your “Ladiessss’ Night” or “Boys’ Night Out”.

11. Experience a “Hookup Flowchart”.

12. Get ideas for drinking games.

13. Find out what different liquors do to you.

14. Read about people that’ll have you asking, “Who Let These People Near Children?”.

15. See the worst “Phone Mishaps”.

16. Go all in for  “Gay Pride”.

17. Be taught the “Texter’s Teachings”.

18. Create a bucket list.

19. Experience the “That Just Happened” feeling.

20. Laugh really hard.

Order here!

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