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Posted in book porn by Lauren Leto on December 13, 2009

I finished Beat the Reaper. It had an underdeveloped protagonist who could’ve been so great.

While researching for my writing, I came across something that somehow I didn’t know about – Text Stats

I guess it isn’t too odd that I don’t know about it – I’ve only used Amazon to buy textbooks, I do 99% of my shopping for reading in bookstores (You gotta smell the book!).

But I’ve been playing around on it now for a bit, so here are some screenshots of different books.

George Orwell’s 1984

Stephen King’s It

(not bad for being wasted throughout the writing process, King)

I wish that they had a ranking system where I could search for things like “highest Fog index” or “most words per dollar”. That’d be interesting.

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