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Posted in Uncategorized by Lauren Leto on September 23, 2009

While I’m talking about early childhood favorites, let’s talk about Lurlene McDaniel. The woman made cancer seem hot. My earliest romantic fantasies involved kidney failure of my beloved. I know fellow nerd girl Erin Malone was also a fan.

My two favorite books by her involved a girl named April Lancaster. April has a brain tumor but is a vixen with men.

Till Death Do Us Part

Yeah, I probably applied to win that "Beach Vacation"

April is a bratty cheerleader that was sick when she was younger, gets better, then gets sick again. While recuperating, she meets hottie with a body, Mark. Hot Mark has cystic fibrosis, that same disease that Frankie from Real World San Diego had. He eventually dies but not before a quickie wedding in the hospital.


Newly single April runs off to St. Croix to grieve and falls in love with a guy named Brandon, who is equally as hot as Mark. He helps her to get over Mark and she gets a tattoo. Then she dies.

While depressing and unrealistic, these novels filled me with more knowledge about terminal illnesses than any other fourth grader. They also set the stage for my obsession with House.

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