Lauren Leto

My Teachers Were Stupid

Posted in Uncategorized by Lauren Leto on September 22, 2009

I used to have a big problem that I was just reminded about when I looked up An Old-Fashioned Girl on I used to mess up the date of publication and the original date of publication. Like, one of the versions on Amazon is a reprint from 1996 but the book was originally published in 1869.

Book reports in elementary school would often ask for when the book was written. I would turn to the copyright page and often be confronted with two dates (mainly because this nerd girl liked to pick out old classics for book reports instead of the other kids writing papers on Animorphs).

While a nerd girl, I am lacking in the brain department of other categories. Namely, common sense. So, I would most often take the later date. Why? Because I didn’t think people wrote books “back then”. They could write books about people in those time periods, but there was no way a book in my hands has lived for that long.

The worst part? I don’t remember being reprimanded for handing in reports that said that Bleak House was written in 1997. I have the book report that proves that. Yes, I read Bleak House in elementary school. Yes, I didn’t have any friends.

So, my teachers were stupid.

P.S. I figured out some of my favorite authors were dead in fourth grade when I tried to write a letter to Laura Ingalls Wilder. I wasn’t that stupid for too long, thankfully.

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