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An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott

Posted in Uncategorized by Lauren Leto on September 22, 2009

So, if I’m going to geek out about books I’m going to do it right. Therefore, my very first book review about one of my very first favorite books (second to Matilda).

An Old Fashioned Girl

The book pictured is exactly what mine looks like now, although this one is from

Louisa May Alcott is more famously known for her Little Women series,which I referred to in my “books are drugs” post as marijuana. Alcott managed to keep books easy enough for girls in 2nd grade to read yet twist the plots around ever so slightly that us nerd girls got our first taste of family secrets and love triangles without overdosing. Yes, I read Jo’s Boys in 2nd grade and yes, I realized even then that Jo was a lesbian.

An Old-Fashioned Girl was not one of the Little Women series, but it followed the friendship between a poor girl named Polly and a rich bitch named Fanny. Fanny gets poor and Polly gets rich when she comforts Fanny’s now destitute family and inspires Fanny’s brother to seek fortune out West causing the brother to fall in love with her and they all live happily ever after.

The story is a little more convoluted than that (very little more) but it did teach me one of my earliest lessons; I’m going to be poor forever unless I marry rich.

Joking! Alcott would not like me saying that. Little known fact, Alcott was considered a feminist. And I guess she showed that vein in this when Polly moves to the same city as Fanny’s family and tries to make it as a piano teacher. Like a Mary Tyler Moore but instead of succeeding and living in an awesome apartment with the awesome Rhoda as a neighbor she gets hitched and quits. The book was written in 1869 so I guess we’re taking baby steps.

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